The Best Shooting Games For Pc 2022

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What is good, everybody, and welcome back today. We’re taking a look at the best free-to-play fps titles available right now. These are mainly my favorites, and if yours didn’t make a list, make sure to tell us about it down in the comments below:
The Best Shooting Games For Pc 2021

#1 Apex Legends

First up apex legends, what I think is my favorite battle royale right now, free to play from respawning entertainment.
It features fantastic movement solid legend design cross-play. You can really get aggressive in your batches, and the match pacing is something I really really like plus, it’s got a nice ranked system in there.
The only real downside with apex legends for me is the limited-time game modes feel fairly lackluster. They haven’t really found their stride just yet.
Still, in my opinion, this is one of the best battle royale experiences out there currently, and the support respawn gives the game is pretty great, whether that’s new legends, new lore, new trailers, new maps, etc.
it is a living, breathing world that is fun to be a part of. I find myself coming back every season, booting it up with my friends, and always having a good time.

#2 Call of Duty

We can’t be making a free-to-play fps list without mentioning the call of duty warzone. It has honestly had a bigger impact than I think most people have realized from its streamlined armor and healing systems.
It handles weapon and ammo economy, and just how it handles basically a call of duty battle royale all attributes to the fact that it has had unbelievable success the last few years.
 Of course, featuring cross-play and additional game modes that you can always try out the call of a duty war zone is simply amazing.
 and while Activision has some issues on the same side of things and how they’re handling, um, taking care of certain exploits, for the most part. 
Warzone can deliver with you and your friends a wonderful fps experience with tons of unlocks, a lot of depth plenty of challenges to grind through. 
There’s really no reason why the call of duty war zone will not continue to grow as time goes on. Plus, it has one of the coolest comeback mechanics ever in the gulag, giving yourself the chance to 1v1 to get back into the fight and continue on with your friends. 
I hope more battle royales take some cues from the warzone here and learns from the innovations that it demonstrated.

#3 Valorant

We’re getting the big three out of the way very quickly with Valorant riot games know how to create successful esports.
While we are still in the early days of Valorant, time will tell if this blows up into an international phenomenon.
I know the company wants to essentially the MOBA studio taking its skillset over into the fps space and getting some of the best designers.
Engineers and technology available to make a great competitive fps experience built around a hero shooter mixed with a counter-strike.
You really have a game here with the skill ceiling that is going to be nearly limitless. Of course, if it catches fire, no doubt worldwide will become one of the most successful fps esports ever.
If you’re someone who enjoys a deep competitive experience and is willing to invest time and effort in valorant, we’ll deliver a wonderful experience.
We’ll just have to wait and see if it catches popularity worldwide with the esports scene.

#4 Diabotical

Did you like quake back in the day? You may like Diabotical developed by the gd studio from James two good Harding Diabotical, a spiritual successor to the old school quake games. It’s free to play, it’s got a really cool art style, and it actually has plenty of game modes that allow you to learn about arena fps games and play some sillier modes without having to sweat it out too terribly much a lot of these old school arena fps titles have such a big learning curve that it’s hard to get engaged with this world.
It’s still something that diabotical grapples with. However, it does it better than probably any other free-to-play arena fps out there. If you want to check out something with a deep, fast, cool movement system with plenty of techs and a great skill sealing, diabolical is right there for you, but be forewarned if you get bit by the quake bug, it can last a lifetime.

#5 Quake Champions

Along those same lines, I’ve put quake champions in my free-to-play game list before.
It is also free to play arena fps game small community for fps titles and a very high skill curve to overcome if you like the movement.
It is enjoyable for sure I wish it would get a bigger player base and maybe have a little bit larger skill variety there, but again, if you enjoy these old-school arena fps games, make sure you take the time to check quake champions out.

#6 Planetside 2

Still going strong, and on pc and ps4, it’s planetside 2. if you have ever wanted to play a large-scale futuristic fps game and I’m talking absolutely massive player counts, then planetside 2 is for you. No two matches ever go exactly the same.
every match is a completely different experience with vehicles, urban gunfights all sorts of crazy large set pieces
planetside 2 has a strong community, and it’s held such a passion with that player base for so long because what it offers is unique.
There’s nothing else quite like planetside 2, and the fact that it’s free is pretty awesome.
I’ve dived back into planetside over the years many times. Every session is always just slightly different and features just awe-inspiring epic behemoth-sized gunfights really, really cool.
However, it does take quite a bit of teamwork to shift the force and the momentum in your favor.
Getting involved and hopping in discord for this game may be the pathway to an awesome set of new friends and a new community.

#7 Counter-Strike global offensive

Counter-strike global offensive was not free. It is now the king of esport fps games. No matter how much time goes by every single big tournament weekend, counter-strike seems to always be right back in the forefront of an amazing game with an amazing history. Yes, it’s got a large skill curve, but man, it really rewards you for playing if you put the time and effort in to play, learn and enjoy. This is the best pc competitive fps experience that you can have if you enjoy it.
Of course, this brand of gameplay big a big skill curve and something that you could obviously commit a lifetime to try and get better at. It’s a huge plus if you have friends involved because the solo queue experience in a competitive well that can be unique. Let’s just put it that way if you have some buddies and you have the drive, and you enjoy this game, the counter strike will deliver a huge reward for all the time you put in.

#8 Destiny 2 New Light

Destiny 2 new light, so a portion of destiny 2 is free to play, and if you’ve never touched Destiny 2, there are actually some fun things to play with and experiment with here. If you enjoy it, you obviously can purchase expansions and get into the universe further. I have a lot of mixed feelings about destiny 2.
I go from loving the game to being frustrated with common mistakes that Bungie seems to have made throughout the lifespan of both d1 and d2.
I still, at the end of the day, though, believe that if you’ve never tried destiny 2, it’s absolutely worth picking up. There’s plenty on the pvp side for the free-to-play version, and then on the PvE side of things, too.
It will let you get your feet wet and see if it’s something you want to buy into. Be forewarned, though. The raids are absolutely incredible, and if you have some buddies to play it with, that, for me, is the pinnacle experience within destiny 2.
I will say depending on when you read this article, what is in the free-to-play version is continually changing, especially over the last nine months, so it could be in an awesome state or it could be in a very weird state just depending on what Bungie’s rolling into that free content side of the game.

so in terms of honorable mentions team. fortress 2 and warface there’s a handful of other great free-to-play fps titles and some of the games that i mentioned in my list a few years ago are no longer playable unfortunately so again if i missed your favorite let me know about it down in the comments below.


Frankly, there’s never been a better time for such great free-to-play fps games. If I was growing up in this era, I tell you what I’d get nothing done because it’s just pretty incredible. 
From the battle royale outside to the competitive fps space, there are so many really good free-to-play titles that you can sync thousands of hours into if you enjoy that style of gameplay, and with that said. 
You guys, thank you very much for reading. If you enjoyed it, please subscribe to the channel may be like and comment it does always help things out, and as I mentioned, if we missed your favorite, let us know. Have a great rest of your day. I will talk to you again very soon. Also, Look At Best Wireless Headphones

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