Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets of 2022

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Today we’re going to be going over my top 5 gaming headsets of 2022, plus a few honourable mentions so you can see which I think are the best of the best that came out this year.

Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets of 2021

For each one, we’ll go over them in detail talk about all the stuff you’re going to want to know, but I’ll do the mic tests at the end.

So instead of, you know, breaking them up into their section, we’re going to have them all back to back to back so you can hear the direct comparisons you can really hear the mic quality and how they sound in comparison to each other and also we did our top best Best Gaming Laptops.

So if you want to check those out, do today’s top five headsets completes the trifecta of the best gaming peripherals Of 2022. List Are Below:

#1 Razer Blackshark v2 Pro/ Razer Blackshark v2x

Number one, my top headset of 2022 is the razer black shark v2 pro, and to throw a wrench into things, I’m even going to share this top spot with their v2 x okay because the v2x at just 60 was one of my favourites of the entire a year.
I contemplated putting that between number one and two but then last month or month or two ago, whatever when they released the wireless version of the v2, which is now the v2 pro, they both blew my mind, so first off, I think when it comes to overall value, uh the v2x at 60 is one of the most fantastic deals in just the headset market to date it’s phenomenal.
the v2 pro does get a price jump to 180, which is a bit pricey, yes, but they’re just doing something so different than what they’ve done in the past from their cracking lineup. The audio in these, I think, is unrivalled. Not only can you eq these in their software, but you can also take advantage of their razer 7.1 surround sound, which I believe is the best-emulated surround sound out of any company they
do surround sound right, and also their certified thx sound both feature their triforce titanium 50-millimetre drivers.
The driver construction into the headset is broken up into three different parts hence the name triforce, which individually tunes the highs, mids and lows. For the v2 pro, the bass surprised me, and I think all together at how well it could handle, um, some extreme eq’ing in their software, so for example, when I bump the bass and the treble up, even more, it doesn’t get overblown.
It doesn’t sound worse. It’s all very controlled in a sense where it’s not making it sound worse at extreme scenarios. For the more in-depth breakdown of the actual sound quality, you know I did an honest review on the v2x and v2 headset when these came out. Still, they sound good footsteps directional audio. I think it is just perfect in these and again, with the v2 pro being the wireless version of the budget option of the v2x but the hyperspeed technology also causes zero frequency distortion background noise nothing to the wireless headset. It’s also decent at battery lasting 24 hours on a single charge for the design.
I love the nod to the old pilot headset look. Um, if you remember, the original black shark. These were pretty similar to that, but I had more of a mechanical eye. In my actual review of the v2x, I stated they were the most comfortable.
the headset I’ve tried, and that remains the same. Something about them all together they are the most comfortable gaming the headset I’ve ever used, and it’s the same for the v2 pro.
So they nail designed a nail construction they mailed how it feels on your head I I love the little volume wheel right here on the ear cup for controlling your volume you have your built-in controls on the back of the ear cup as well on this left side for muting your microphone the power button as well as the uh port for charging and then on the v2 x you pretty much get that same volume dial and then just a mic mute button on the back so straightforward very very comfortable, and the mic on the 60 v2 x It is incredible like it’s one of the best out there and it’s just 60 on this, so people are probably going to complain that I’m full of bs for putting razer at my top spot today and there’s something about razer, in general, that’s very polarizing to the gaming market and gaming audience you either love them, or you hate them, so they get the other side that hates them giving them a lot of crap 24 7. but the fact is this new lineup is phenomenal and it deserves to be number one best of the year, of course, in My opinion.

#2 pc38x

pc38x from the drop and Sennheiser if you can get past the yellow, what you find is a solid combination of the older Sennheiser frame and the drivers from the newer GSP 500, so you end up with an open back gaming headset that allows you to hear a bit of the world around you that’s got great clarity and sound stage but still delivers the bass that’s pretty rare for an open back the headphone’s not muddy or overblown either they sound outstanding not only that but they’ve lowered the impedance to 28 ohms.
So you don’t even need an amp. You can drive these with just about anything you can plug a headphone into so your console controller or your Nintendo switch will handle these great they include two different cables inside the box you can hook these up to whatever you want to without having to find a splitter or an adapter they take about two weeks to fully break-in after that they become super comfortable to have minimal clamping fa d plenty of padding where you need it they’ve got these big oval ear pads. Like a sport mesh, they include a set of allure pads as well.
These are easy to swap out so you can experiment around and see which one sounds best for you? The mic you’ve been listening to this entire time is permanently attached.
It works with a swivel up for mute down for live there’s no software of any sort, just an s, life volume wheel on the right side. While you may not be a fan of this boom style mic, it sounds better than most for a gaming headset. Because it’s permanently attached, it makes it easy to reach for for stuff like zoom meetings, distance learning, and e sounds so good you’ll probably find yourself gravitating towards the,m from music listening as well.
They also perform fantastic for gaming with enough bass to get you excited and immersed at the moment but not so much that it’s drowning out the essential details that you need to hear in terms of detail and imaging, i.e. knowing exactly where your enemy is coming from these sound dangerously close to dropping in Sennheiser’s hd58x which you’ve probably heard about the only actual performance downside i can think of is that the open-back nature of these means you can listen to thI world around you and other people can hear what you’re listening to as well so it doesn’t make these an ideal choice for mobile use all in all even at a price point of 169.99 they did an excellent job with these. They’re an easy recommendation for me, mainly for console players.

the pc38x is one of my favourites, coming in at number two and in the gaming headset space.
There is such a lack of open back, and I have always loved it because it’s just more immersive.
I think it makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the battlefield in the middle of the action versus just having you know a driver on each ear-blasting the audio into your head.
So they sound so good. its nailed. Everything about this headset maybe just beside the yellow accents, but again whatever, um and again, as you’re going to hear probably the best microphone so very, very impressed with these um really cannot give them a glowing recommendation enough.

#3 Logitech G pro x lightspeed

G pro x lightspeed, which is their wireless version, my current favourite headset for the year would be the Logitech g pro x wireless.
I chose this as my favourite headset because I spent a lot of time in VR after workouts with box VR.
I’m still playing Alex, too, and this headset size-wise expands beautifully to go around still the rift s headset yet create an excellent seal, so I’m consumed in my VR environment.
Battery life is good for up to 20 hours, and i can monitor that in the software i never use the microphone, but the blue voice functionality is there.
If you want to use it, it is charging with a type c connection which is great. There’s plenty of volumes, and the reason I chose this over the new hyperx wireless is the sound quality.
I prefer the sound quality on the g pro x plus a lot of the customization you get with eq uh in the g hub even though I never touched them, but some people care about that so
that is why the g pro x wireless headset is my current favourite recommendation for 2022 if you’re looking for wireless.
As you heard, they were his favourite of the year, coming at number three on my list, but I mean, everything he said is the spot.
They sound so so good. Another company who can manage to replicate that same pretty much lossless audio quality versus their, you know, original wired headset to now wireless feel comfortable and in terms of you know like I said a clamping pressure i mentioned in previous of the headsets and stuff this one probably has the best out of all that it is a little bit on the heavier side due to the materials but clamping wise it feels natural, really good and it’s just they’re doing some awesome, great stuff from Logitech and again mic quality, all that stuff you’ll hear that towards the end of my domain back to back then, we’ll go over our final notes on that, uh but yes g pro x great stuff with their wireless version here from Logitech.

#4 HyperX Cloud II Wireless

You’re probably familiar with these from the original cloud 2, one of the top-selling headsets of all time now a few years later.
We get the wireless version, and they do not disappoint whatsoever design-wise. It’s practically the same as the Cloud series, so it looks pretty much the same, all black with the red accents on the ear cup and the yoke stitching in the headband seems nice.
They feature 53-millimetre drivers specially tuned, and I don’t know how they do it, but they always sound.
Super clear, these are excellent sounding drivers. They have a miniature bass port up top, so it doesn’t get overly muddy and stuff it.
It gives you nice solid punch ear pads and memory foam, and their premium leatherette from hyperx so lovely and cushiony. For sure, you have your power button and mute mic button on the back of the left ear cup with the USB c port for charging and the volume dial on the right ear cup.
The mic itself is also removable, but again, since these are wireless, one of the things i was concerned about was there would be a noticeable downgrade in sound quality and no none whatsoever. They still managed to make these sound incredible with those 53-millimetre drivers, the sound stage is so expansive, but everything still feels controlled.
For example, the one area I mentioned in my review was that the high ends are harsh, mainly with music. I wish they could be in their software, uh, but unfortunately, they don’t.
Still, besides that, they sound very, very good now ironically one of these trade-offs and sort of complements to having the higher-end frequencies kind of increased a bit and even in some of the mids is the fact that your ambience and the world around you uh does sound a bit more sparkly so, for example, i was able to hear birds in certain spots in a battlefield where I didn’t usually you know hear.
I wasn’t paying attention to that, or I can hear a tank sort of like cranking in the distance sound like the rocks are getting caught up in The battlefield has an awesome excellent sound design overall, and that’s one area where yeah, it might be a bit too sparkly.
Still, it makes it sound lively battery life on these also very good at 30 hours, and they’re super flexible but durable with the all-aluminium frame here. Yes, it gives you a great clamp overall, and weight distribution on this is, uh, just unrivalled. I think they did an excellent job with their wireless variant this year, and it comes in at 150 Doller.

#5 mh630

mh630 is an excellent budget option from a cooler master. These surprised me through the mh630, and they come in at just 60 dollars which is a fantastic deal impressed with these, so for the design overall, they’re effortless, primarily plastic and stuff for the construction. 
Still, they are lightweight in return, but it also doesn’t feel flimsy at all. You do have that purple accent ring around the ear cup, so take it or leave it. They feature 50-millimetre neodymium drivers. The ear cups themselves are a mesh, but they’re nice and thick provide excellent padding and a great seal.
On your ear overall, both the microphone and the cable on this headset is removable, which is nice to see you have built-in volume control plus a mute mic button on the back of the left ear cup.
The gooseneck mic sounds good. As I said, you’ll hear that sound test at the endear cups also rotate 90 degrees for a better fit on your head and like I said, with these thick cushioned ear pads and the overall plastic construction, lightweight feels nice, and what surprised me about these besides the excellent microphone quality is the neutral sound signature overall.
 It’s not trying to do too much it’s not trying to push the base of the fact where it gets over muddy bass is nice and tight—great punchy audio and spatial awareness overall. I was impressed with the sound with these. Like I said, for just 60 dollars, the cooler master is doing some great stuff in the audio space. For twenty dollars more, they do have a version that has RGB lighting around the ear cup instead of just a stock purple. 
It’s USB uh this plugs to your pc with just the standard mic jack and the audio jack and stuff, but I mean, you shouldn’t want to be paying an extra 20 bucks just for an RGB light ring around the ear cup, i think all things considered like I said 60 dollars fantastic value I need to be on my top five for sure.
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